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You will be transferred to the countryside where you can see local farmer and his buffalo. After a short introduction about buffalo and rice farm, you are ready for a ride on the back of your buffalo that we name him or her as THE B.M.W of Vietnam that made from 03 words: B- Buffalo, M- Made, W- Way. When your funny experience will continue going down to a local fishing village where you are able to learn something about local fishing industry and its locally cultural life. Our guide will give you a brief about basket boat adventure. You will be told that safety instruction how to get balanced on the round basket boar and how to steer in it a proper way. Of course, life jacket will be provided to you and the adventure is on when you start rowing it and joining for a funny race with our team.

Your tour is ended after a light snack at a local family and our guide bring you back your hotel after then.